About the Art

John’s art takes the viewer on the trips he has taken and shares with you the incredible variety of the landscape throughout the United States and beyond.  He says that quite frequently the buildings are the first thing he notices when he is composing a new picture; quite naturally they often become amongst the first elements to rise upon the picture plane.  He is taken by the variety of building styles and how often they respond to and help define the local environment.  At other times, he will find that unique structure that raises its iconic presence seemingly in defiance of that same natural landscape.

Perhaps this is why unusual buildings so often figure into his paintings.  As well, the lighthouse is a frequent subject which calls to mind man’s efforts to “tame” nature, or at least to gain some measure of control over it.  Long before becoming an artist, he was drawn to abandoned buildings where he would explore their remains and envision them before they reached their present states.  This imagination will at times provoke him to alter the details of what he sees; adding a building or taking out telephone wires or chain-link fences.  This is not to say that the scenes he constructs are not believable, but rather this subtle manipulation might right some less-thoughtful later addition or replace something that once was there.  What has always characterized his work, however, is the local residents’ continual ability to identify the locations from which he has drawn his imagery.  Perhaps this is his paintings’ most endearing quality, that ability to transport oneself through the window of the picture frame to a familiar location, no matter where in the world it might be.

If You Are Interested in the Artist’s Works

The paintings on this web site are examples from the artist’s studio, many available for purchase, but they are by no means the only works available. Although the bulk of his production is landscape and architectural in nature, there are examples of figurative work and allegorical scenes, as well. John also designs houses and will sometimes model them from the floor plans and elevations. He has also sculpted a number of large outdoor pieces, again with an architectural nature and often using salvaged materials, although none are currently available for purchase.


The artist is also available for commissions, including house portraits in various sizes. Those wishing to have a painting done of a favorite landscape scene or special view, their house, outbuilding, storefront or commercial structure (including large complexes and office towers) should email the artist describing what they have in mind. Include the approximate size you would like, the view you would like to recreate, the desired season and, if possible, a picture. The artist will respond to requests with pricing and timeframe requirements. If he agrees to take on the commission, a contract for purchase will be emailed for your signature before the work is undertaken.

Making a Purchase

To purchase a painting, buyers can email their requests to the artist by clicking here.

Other Charges

Artwork pricing does not include shipping or framing. Shipping is by UPS (or like carrier) and will be charged on a per package basis.

Have questions?

Email us at info@johnhpageartworks.com.